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All in all, the game includes only four basic PvP modes: team death match, every-Guardian-for-themselves death match, small-team death match, and control-point domination. All of those are simple fun, the […]

Martinis Group:

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The Martinis Group includes Austin Fowler, Rami Barends, Professor John Martinis and Julian Kelly. The Google’s Director of Engineering Hartmut ...

Microsoft announces when the first phone to include its Siri alternative Cortana goes on sale:

October 18, 2014, No comments

Microsoft has announced that there is no reason to wait anymore as its Lumia 735 Smartphone will be released in the UK on October 2 and you can buy th ...

Jolla Sailfish OS Smartphone: First Impressions:

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Jolla has entered the Indian market with a Smartphone of the same name, powered by the new Sailfish OS and priced attractively at Rs. 16,499. It is a ...