Acer Liquid E3 (part VI):

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Acer Liquid E3 comprises of face detection and a self timer too, in order to help you get the ‘perfect’ shot, as well as the ability to change the picture size. However, the quality of the app doesn’t have any real effect on the quality of the images, and this is where the real strength of the Liquid E3’s camera lies, of course in some written form and not exactly if you haven’t used it. Ignoring the theory, the shots will generally come out as fascinating. However, it would have acted as a cherry on the cupcake if a little more was given the amount of pixels packed inside and the level of promotion that Acer has given to it on the Liquid E3.

The phone’s color reproduction will prove to be exciting too. However, the level of contrast between light and dark areas in wider shots is a little bit disappointing. But on the plus side, the extra pixels help with the 4x digital zoom. When it comes to use the forward facing camera, the Liquid E3 has a trick up its sleeve, and one that it hopes will appeal to those customers who have taken the selfie craze to its current level. Having a front facing flash may seem like a novelty, but it is one that mostly manufacturers are getting on board with it. The biggest problem that the users might face while using it will be that there is no way to manually engage said flash. This led to the conclusion that it must engage automatically when in darker areas, although testing this theory in an almost pitch black garage proved to be wrong.

Finally is the biggest problem of all, one that shouldn’t beset even the most basic of phones. Call quality on the Liquid E3 was poor, and that is somewhat of an understatement. Despite test calls in quiet conditions, complete with a decent level of signal on both handsets, the Acer was very hard to hear. Even with the volume turned up the call still sounded muffled. Again, the front facing camera is being suffered with the contrast between brighter patches and darker patches the time you are taking outdoor photography, and the lower resolution will deliver somehow good and acceptable results.

If you’re in the market for a phone that doesn’t cost a lot but some reasonable price, then there are some great chances that you might get staggered across the Acer Liquid E3. It is a handset from a manufacturer which is a lot more associated with computers rather than mobile devices. With a price tag as little as £14 per month in the UK or £134.99 and around $224, AU$240) SIM-free and a spec list that includes a quad-core CPU, 13MP camera, forward facing flash and HD screen there seems to be a lot to shout about. The forward facing speakers are also a really nice touch for a handset of this price tag. They’re loud and produce a really clear sound.

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