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Written by on July 18, 2014 in Apps, Technology - No comments has released a campaign both on digital media and TV to promote its newest app hits the App Store shelves called all in one app that was advertised by the famous youth icon Ranbir Kapoor. Ask Me is a stripped down version of the best searching app as you can get the answers for anything that you search for.

Usually, as we all know getting the people to notice, download and use an app, is a most toughest task for any sorts of app developers and brands. But, now AskMe app is easy for them to market and also it changed the thoughts of them in a fresh unique way. Askme app has taken up the challenge of the best blend of so much of advanced and the most useful functions in to a single app.

AskMe app let you to ask the multiple questions in terms of the places that sits nearest your locality that includes the queries such as searching outlets, reading and posting reviews and buying and selling products too. The most admirable thing is that it will be interesting to see how people react to the app, but it has more than a lakh installs already. The easy going User Interface and integrated search features are useful in providing information to most possible extent that is pretty interesting and attractive. I don’t have the exact number and someone inside must be tracking the current installs graph very intently.

The most stand out feature of the app is the marketplace that is the prettly attractive I say if you ask me. It is a bold attempt to integrate shopping into a mobile app. Because, remember, it is not a mobile app in the way like Flipkart or OLX app is. There is no web interface for the app, all its functionalities are native to mobile. Anyway, in the marketplace, it is easy to search and browse and it takes a sign up form if you are a first time shopper.

You will be impressed with the attractive feature like AskMe Bazaar , if you use this app, with the functions for those who are on the lookout for budget deals, this is a great platform to buy stuff. If you want to know about the hotels, shops, café and the clubs, you can search the best continental restaurant in your vicinity, all you need to do is to download and make use of Askme.

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