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We all would have heard about website rank calculators, websites that are linking to our website, whois search, and displaying in search engine results on top when we Google our website. So everyone knows the ultimate aim of getting high quality backlinks is to rank top in search engine results. 

Recently many websites are getting screwed by the panda update and losing their ranks and lots of traffic. After getting affected it will be very difficult for us to get links and popularity again from the scratch. Now I will tell you an automatic way to get more backlinks and link popularity to your website which is gifted by IM talk.
This IM talk tool actually genenrates many unique pages about your website or blogs which makes more than 2500 unique web pages with backlinks linking back to your website. It contains both No-follow and Do-follow links.
Creating web pages in most popular websites which is often crawled by many search engines will give some fame to our website too. By using this tool your website or blog will get more backlinks and link popularity so that it will be crawled and indexed by Googlebot easily.
I will tell you how to utilize this tool:
Step 1: Click here to go to the website IM talk.
Step 2: IM website submitter tool will get displayed like below.
2500 Free Backlinks
Step 3: Enter the fields which is required with your blog or website URL. Enter keyword which is optional. Then select the number of pages to be created and Click Submit.
Step 4: Now this tool will automatically create many web pages and it will be pinged. So as a result backlinks and link popularity are generated for your website.
Note: Do not stop it until all the pages are created.
Step 5: This is a great technique to create 2500+ free backlinks and get high ranking in any search engines.

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