Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

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Google chrome is one of the best and fastest browser which was developed by Google. This browser was released in 2008 and it was made with webkit layout engines. At present Google chrome is the most commonly used browser on earth.

There are various themes and extensions in Google Chrome so that you can customize it according to your needs.

There are some awesome features in Google Chrome:

It is amazingly fast and it supports all type of dynamically coded websites and it loads all type of contents without flickers and getting crashed. There is an incognito window which does not save any history of browsing and cookies, passwords and any other traces. The tabs are easy to switch on the top and it has a very good start up page with commonly visited pages. Chrome also has its own task manager which shows memory used, CPU and tasks that are running.  

More than these features I will share some Google chrome keyboard shortcuts which allow you to browse faster and to do the work on time.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows:

To open a New Window press: Ctrl+N

To open a New Tab press: Ctrl+T

To switch to the 1st tab press: Ctrl+1

To switch to the 2nd tab press: Ctrl+2

To switch to the 3rd tab press: Ctrl+3

To switch to the 4th tab press: Ctrl+4

To switch to the 5th tab press: Ctrl+5

To switch to the 6th tab press: Ctrl+6

To switch to the 7th tab press: Ctrl+7

To switch to the 8th tab press: Ctrl+8

To switch to the last tab press: Ctrl+9

To switch to the next tab press: Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page Down

To switch to the previous tab press: Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Page Up

To close current window press: Alt+F4 or Ctrl + Shift+W

To close current tab press: Ctrl+F4 or Ctrl+W

To open a file in Google Chrome press: Ctrl+O + Select the File

To open link in a new tab: Press Ctrl and click on the link

To open link in a new window: Press Shift and click on the link

To reopen last tab press: Ctrl+Shift+T

To toggle bookmarks bar on/off press: Ctrl+Shift+B

To open chrome menu press: Alt+F or Alt+E or F10

To open your homepage in your current tab press: Alt+Home

To print your current web page press: Ctrl+P

To save your current web page press: Ctrl+S

To reload your current web page press: Ctrl+R or F5

To open history page press: Ctrl+H

To open downloads page press: Ctrl+J

To open task manager press: Shift+Esc

To open developer Tools press: Ctrl+Shift+J

To open clear Browsing Data press: Ctrl+Shift+Delete

To open help Centre press: F1

To stop loading of your current web page press: Press Esc

To open the find bar press: Ctrl+F

To reload your current web page by ignoring cached content press: Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5

To open the source of your current web page press: Ctrl+U

To bookmark your current web page press: Ctrl+D

To bookmark all open web pages in a new folder press: Ctrl+Shift+D

To open or exit your page in full-screen mode press: Press F11

To enlarge everything on the page press: Ctrl+”+” or Ctrl+Scroll your mouse wheel up

To display everything smaller on the page press: Ctrl+”-” or Ctrl+Scroll your mouse wheel down

To return everything on the page to normal size press: Ctrl+0

To scroll down the web page press:  Space Bar

To go to the top of the web page press: Home Button

To go to the end of the web page press: End Button

To scroll horizontally on the web page press: Shift+ Scroll your mouse wheel

To add (www.) and (.com) to your input in the address bar press: Ctrl+Enter

To highlight the URL press: Ctrl+L or Alt+D

To delete the entry from your browsing history: select an entry in the address bar and then Press Shift+Delete

To go to the previous page in the tab from your browsing history: PressBackspace or Press Alt+left arrow together

To go to the next page in the tab from your browsing history: PressShift+Backspace or Alt+right arrow together 

I have shared all the Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts for better browsing and if I have missed any important shortcuts, kindly please let me know by commenting below so that I will update my list.

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