Install Outlook on your Custom Domain

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Hi guys, now I will tell you how to install Outlook within your custom domain. I hope that you all heard about the new Email service from Microsoft called which replaces the already existing Hotmail email service.
You can setup the Outlook mail on your custom domain like Google apps in a very simple way. After setting up your Email id will look like and not as before In outlook you can have up to 500 users and there is no storage limits for the mail box till date.
Steps to configure Outlook on your custom domain
Step 1: click here or go directly A page will be displayed, now go through the webpage to find “Custom domain”. Click the “Get Started” which is below the Custom domain and proceed to next step.
Step 2: Now a webpage gets displayed with a form to enter your “custom domain”. Type your domain name in the text box correctly and click “Set up Windows Live Hotmail for my domain” and select “continue”.
Step 3:  A page will request you to assign a domain administrator. So you should sign in with your already existing windows live Id or create a new Id. Make your selection and click continue.
Step 4: Once you signed in, a webpage gets displayed to review settings and it will request you to accept the agreement. Now carefully verify your domain name and your administrator email ID and click I accept button.
Step 5: At the point of accepting their agreement a list of some DNS records will get displayed to you. It time to prove ownership for your domain and add the given DNS records to your domain to setup the mail.
Step 6: For DNS propagation you have to wait for more than 30 minutes and up to 1 hour after adding the DNS records. After it gets over go to the Windows live domains website and click “member accounts” to add new users.
Step 7: Just by adding the CNAME record of your sub domain you can also access With a sub domain like this add a CNAME record with This also takes the same DNS propagation time.
Step 8: You are done and as I said it is very simple and easy. Now logon to or and get signed in with your new email ID you have just created before and get started.
Kindly follow all the above steps correctly to setup the Outlook Mail on your custom domain and if you have any error or queries feel free to ask us by commenting below, we will solve your issues immediately.

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