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iOS has an amazing app in its platform called the Mynd’s smart calendar which allows you to make schedules and set reminders. It just received a cool update recently with some added smart features like integration with your Contact list and LinkedIn. This update is free but the premium update which comes at a price is the best upgrade released for this app so far.

About the premium version

This premium update lets your calendar work like a digital assistant and it learns how you spend your normal day and predict your future calendar based on this. Make an entry into your calendar about breakfast, lunch or dinner and the Mynd Premium will automatically categorize it under the slot “Dining”. This will enable it to learn something about your daily routines and habits. In turn this enables it to make future schedules for your future calendar.

Usefulness of Mynd’s calendar

Not just that, it can also find out the activity for which you spend the most amount of time and the work for which you spend the most amount of time. This enables the user to know where they are wasting their time. This calendar can also generate weekly reports and calculate the amount of time that you spend doing various activities. It can track the distance that you travel, everyday, to get to different places. This actually allows you to plan efficiently and get your work done in time without any last minute last rushes. The basic version of this upgrade is free and the premium version costs $5 per month and about $50 per year.

This app will be extremely useful for executives who are always stuck in the middle of tight and bust schedules. By using Mynd’s calendar they can plan their tasks properly and design a good schedule to keep up with their everyday work.

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