Now Lenovo is all Set to Try its Hand in Smartband (wagon)!

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Lenovo recently has hit the smartphone market with its attractively prices offerings along with traditional PC and tablets and has also purchased Motorola from Google. However Lenovo has decided not to be left behind and has promptly announced its new offering in digital gadget space – A smartband i.e. health and fitness tracker with extra added functionality.

The Lenovo Smartband

The Smartband or SW-B100 is basically a device that with the help of various sensors can measure body/health parameters and other related metrics i.e. heart beat rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, step counter and calories consumed. Apart from these, there are also functionalities that are borrowed from smartwatches i.e. syncing with smartphones and providing notifications for calls, texts, messages and emails. However, the device sports a very tiny screen and cannot actually display the contents of the texts or email but can only notify. Furthermore, there is an additional very useful feature – dubbed as auto-unlocking, which can unlock your PC once near it and thus provides very handy feature.


The Target Audience

Lenovo is primarily targeting young health conscious and tech savvy people who have no problems with using technology. The device will be available in blue and orange colors though other options will probably be available too. The device itself is not an Android device and thus can only do so much. However, notification syncing will be available for both Android and IOS gadgets. The price and availability is yet to be known for this device and Lenovo might release it soon. The offering complements Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola rather can competing with it since Moto 360 watch is a full-fledged android smartwatch whereas smartband is just a fitness tracker.

Lenovo seems to be on the groove off late and is delivering excellent products. The smartband is expected to be no different and will help diversify its lineup of gadgets.

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