Samsung Galaxy S4

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Seeing many fake pictures, videos, alleged specifications for past six months, now the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been officially announced at New York yesterday.
Samsung Galaxy S4
Design: The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in two colours Mint black and Frost white. S4 is now with a bigger screen than S3 and the dimensions of height and width is same. S4 weighs 130g which is slightly lesser than galaxy S3 [133g]. This Smartphone is just 7.9mm thick which is much lesser than galaxy S3 but it is not that much thin as iPhone 5.
Samsung Galaxy S4
Screen: Transforming from a 4.6 inch display to a massive 5 inch display which is Full HD AMOLED it guarantees to expose a 441 ppi so there will no doubt in getting a stunning clarity with significant vivid colours. There is also a new adapt sound and adapt display feature which changes the display settings suitable for your eye when you are reading a webpage or watching videos, playing games.
Camera: At the rear it fitted with a 13 megapixel Full HD 1080p camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera for video chatting. Some cool features of the Samsung Galaxy camera has been adopted along with a new dual shot mode which captures two images that can be merged. There is also a new Eraser shot which allows you to delete the people who try to spoil photos by walking in the background. Drama shot will take burst photos in one picture. Sound shot will take 9 seconds audio and joins it with the photos.
The new feature for filming is dual recording lets you to shoot two videos at the same time and a cinema photo mode from which we you can select which video shots to be static and dynamic so later you can turn them into GIF image.
OS and Processor:Samsung S4 runs on world’s most famous latest operating system Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with new features like photo sphere and daydream. The S4 is powered by 1.6GHz EXYNOS 5 Octa -Core processor which was released by Samsung last month.
Battery and Storage: The capacity of the battery is increased from 2,100 to 2,600mAh Lithium Ion which is pretty cool! As usual this Samsung Galaxy S4 will also be available in 16, 32, and 64 GB storage capacity with expandable storage up to 64 GB via Micro SD.
New Smart features:Samsung is really working hard to bring new features to get more response and actually how much it is useful for us. The New Smart pause feature will significantly stops any video if you are moving the eyes away from the display and plays from that point if you look again. Smart scroll will allow you to browse the web pages easily by just tilting the phone.
Sharing features: Samsung integrated S4 with an S translator to email chatON and even messaging for communicating with anyone on the world. Now you can make two and three way video calls. This device can be paired up to “8” S4 devices via NFC for playing the same song.
Stunning AIR features: Air feature was first introduced in Note 2 and now in galaxy S4 we can use the AIR View by moving your finger approximately 1 to 2cm above the screen for seeing any details of apps and email, calendars without actually opening them. You can also Scroll the web page, navigate your menu and attend calls by waving your hand by the AIR gesture feature.
S health:S4 is also installed with S health application which helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by a built in pedometer for steps tracking and food tracker to measure how much calories you are consuming. There is an also additional useful accessory like S band bracelet which is a body scale and heart rate monitor.
Optical reader: This optical reader uses the camera to translate the text and to read books, QR codes, business cards etc. It actually calculates what information needs to be captured and save it which is very useful for travellers and internet geeks. 


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