Simple Steps To Install Chrome Remote Desktop On Your Android Device and PC

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Currently the Chrome Remote Desktop is only available on the Android devices. This applications grant users exclusive access to their remote computer through their Android service worldwide over the internet.

Steps To Install Chrome Remote Desktop On Your PC

Users are not required to posses any extensive technical knowledge for installing this application. Furthermore, this process would take just five minutes at the most. Here are the simple steps for the users.

1. First of all open the Google Chrome web browser and go to Chrome web store site page.
2. Simply click on the application and download it.
3. Once the installation is completed. You would be required to complete several steps by strictly following the instruction o the screen.
4. In following steps, you would be asked to decide the permission for access. You could even be asked to install additional software for this purpose.
5. Finally, the program will ask you whether you want to grant remote assistance access your own computer from other Android devices. This option is essentially for personal use.
6. The second option is to allow other people to access your computer and resolve your problems.
7. After choosing the option, you would be required to enter a PIN code. This code would be inserted each time you or someone tries to get access to the computer.

Steps to Install Application on Any Android Device


1. Install the application from Google Play Store. Use the same Google Chrome Account on both personal computer and handset.
2. This application will automatically display computers you can control.
3. Select the one you wish to access, enter the pin and you will get connected.

Steps To Access Your Computer From Other Computer

1. Click on the apps in the Google Chrome search bar and open the Chrome remote application.
2. Clicking on My Computers would display the computers you share the same Gmail account with. Choose the one you wish to, enter the PIN, click on connect and get connected instantly.

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