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Sony has launched a new home theatre device, which has been made keeping in mind the requirements of the DTH or Direct to Home or satellite TV viewers.

The Japanese electronic enterprise has introduced this device with a superior sound quality just for DTH users like Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Sun direct, Dish TV and Big TV.


We are all enthralled by the LCD and LED Televisions that we purchase for better viewing at home. They provide excellent image and video quality. Often the audio comes as an after thought! That is where this home theatre created by Sony comes in. The 5.1 channel sound system provides an output of around 1000W. It is also 40% smaller than the other home theatres.


Unlike the conventional home theatres, this device is free from the constant humming noise of the DVD players. The DTH home theatre has a two fold HDMI connection between the television and DTH by the DTH Home Theatre. You need to connect both the television set and the DTH system with the device, that way you get an awesome movie viewing experience with awesome video quality and amazing audio experience.

The DTH Home Theatre has two HDMI input ports, an optical output port and also one audio-video in port along with a NFC connectivity to connect with the NFC enabled mobile phones and allow streaming music and videos by Bluetooth.

It is compatible with various formats the likes of MKV, MP4, AVC, AVC HD WMV, VOB as well as the Xvid HD wavelengths connected via a USB port.

This amazing DTH Home Theatre device has been launched at a street price of Rs.19990 and is available in all the major Sony stores in India.

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