Top 10 apps for Samsung galaxy S3

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1. This app offers ICS support and allows you to listen to your favorite music.
2. You can listen to songs even when you move to offline mode.
3. It is dedicated to all music lovers.Health:
This app provides you all important information regarding health and you can additionally track the blood sugar levels or pressure level.Zinio:
1. This app allows you to view your favorite magazine via online.
2. You can find numerous publications, which can be easily readable.
3. It is specifically for Samsung S3 users.

In this app you can have all your feeds and information from blogs and sites. It is easily accessible and has easy to navigate grid view.

Shift key:
1. This app has a moth long trial period which can speed up your precision.
2. The more you use this app, the better understanding you will get out of it.
3. It makes your typing work simpler than the default keyboard.

Samsung remote:
This app lets you to use S3 as a remote control. It works only with Samsung smart TV, it is very handy for the people using Samsung TV sets.

This app relies on a large screen. It allows you to browse plenty of e-books which are free and you can erase it after reading.

1. You can get faster browsing experience via Google chrome browser.
2. The large screen facilitates easy navigation to the browsed pages.
3. You can also add bookmarks and save pages through the browser.

Facebook home:
This app replaces your standard android launcher, giving you a new look to Facebook with fast and easy access to updates and options. This app is very useful and interesting for all Facebook lovers.

1. This app gives you an alternate image gallery.
2. You can organize your pictures on your phone in the convenient way.
3. It offers more flexibility than default android gallery.

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